John Smith
John Smith
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John Smith

Originally from a small town in north-eastern Massachusetts, Tommy grew up exploring the mountains of New England on his snowboard. He later discovered his passion for nature, hiking, and rock climbing in college at Clark University, where he studied Geography and Environmental Science and pursued research that utilized satellite imagery to support conservation and climate change initiatives. Living in Colorado further cultivated his love for exploring the backcountry and protecting these pristine and natural landscapes. Not only did he get to hike on the weekends but he also got to do it on the job while working for the Bureau of Land Management undergoing vegetation surveys. Learning about new cultures, food, languages and ways of life also greatly excites Tommy, and he enjoys attaining such knowledge through travel, whether it be domestically or internationally. His favourite travel experience to date was spending a summer road tripping around the Western US exploring the many national parks and living out of his car and tent. When he is not adventuring in the great outdoors, Tommy enjoys reading fiction, playing boardgames, exploring ways to live more sustainably, and questioning social norms.

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