2 Week Europe Tour Package

  • Tour Duration: 13 Nights & 14 Days
  • Category: International Tours
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Immerse yourself in Europe’s magic with our captivating 2 week tour Explore iconic landmarks in London, Paris, Rome, Venice (and more!). Witness the grandeur of the Colosseum, ascend the Eiffel Tower


  • Accommodation: Many tours will include pre-booked accommodation throughout the trip, ranging from budget-friendly hotels to luxurious stays depending on the tour package.
  • Transportation: This could include train tickets between major cities, coach transfers for shorter distances, or even internal flights depending on the itinerary. Some tours may offer airport transfers upon arrival and departure.
  • Breakfast: Most tours will include breakfast daily, allowing you to fuel up for your day of sightseeing.


Breathtaking Switzerland awaits with optional excursions to Mt. Titlis or Jungfraujoch. Relax on high-speed trains, experience luxury accommodations, and create unforgettable memories. Book your European adventure today! 2 week tour

  • Immerse yourself in British culture! Explore Buckingham Palace, marvel at Big Ben, and stroll through the charming streets of London.
  • Witness the iconic Changing of the Guard ceremony.
  • Delve into the world of art and history at the British Museum or the National Gallery.
  • Consider a day trip to explore the majestic Windsor Castle, a royal residence for over 900 years.
  • Indulge in a quintessential afternoon tea at a charming cafe.

  • Travel in style on the Eurostar, a high-speed train, for a comfortable journey from London to Paris, the City of Lights.
  • Ascend the Eiffel Tower for breathtaking panoramic views or take a leisurely stroll along the Seine River, soaking in the Parisian atmosphere.
  • Explore the Louvre Museum, one of the world’s largest museums, and marvel at masterpieces like the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo. Consider guided tours designed for your interests.
  • In the evening, enjoy a romantic dinner cruise on the Seine, illuminated by city lights (Optional).

  • Board on a scenic train journey to Switzerland, a land of breathtaking mountains and charming villages.
  • Interlaken, a popular resort town, offers stunning scenery and various activities like boat rides on Lake Brienz or exploring the Jungfrau region.
  • Alternatively, Lucerne, known for its Chapel Bridge and Lion Monument, offers a historic and scenic experience.
  • Opt for a thrilling journey to the top of Mount Titlis or Jungfraujoch, Europe’s highest railway station, for panoramic alpine views and snow activities (depending on the season).

  • Relax and enjoy the scenic train ride from Switzerland to Rome, the Eternal City.
  • Witness the grandeur of the Colosseum, a massive amphitheater that once hosted gladiatorial battles. (Consider pre-purchasing tickets)
  • Toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain, ensuring your return to the Eternal City.
  • Explore the Vatican City, the heart of Catholicism, and marvel at St. Peter’s Square and Basilica. (Dress modestly and be prepared for security checks)
  • Explore the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, remnants of the ancient Roman Empire.
  • Visit the Borghese Gallery, a stunning villa housing masterpieces by Bernini, Caravaggio, and Raphael. (Tickets often sell out quickly, so pre-booking is recommended)

  • Take a relaxing train journey from Rome to Venice, the City of Canals.
  • Glide through charming canals on a gondola ride, a quintessential Venetian experience. Explore the city’s unique architecture, including the iconic Piazza San Marco and Doge’s Palace.
  • Enjoy a traditional Venetian dinner with live music in a charming restaurant.

Option 1: Parisian Encore (Train): Return to Paris for a chance to delve deeper into the city’s vibrant culture. Explore hidden gems, visit charming cafes, or catch a captivating show at the Moulin Rouge. (Optional)

Option 2: Explore Amsterdam (Train): Take a train journey from Venice to Amsterdam,


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