Flights From Los Angeles to New York

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Absolutely! Here’s a detailed itinerary for your trip from Los Angeles (LAX) to the vibrant metropolis of New York City (JFK, LGA, EWR), incorporating different transportation options and must-see sights:

Option 1: Taking Flight – Los Angeles to New York City

  • Day 1: Farewell to the West Coast (Los Angeles)

  • Spend your morning enjoying the Californian sunshine. Depending on your departure time, you might have some time for a relaxing breakfast or last-minute shopping.

  • Take an Uber, Lyft, taxi, or shuttle from your hotel to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

  • Day 2: The Big Apple Arrival (New York City)

  • Buckle up for a comfortable flight from LAX to one of the three major airports serving New York City – John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), or LaGuardia Airport (LGA). The flight duration typically ranges from 5 to 6 hours.

  • Upon arrival in New York, take an airport shuttle, rideshare service, or taxi to your hotel. Check in and leave your luggage.

  • Depending on your arrival time and energy levels, you might consider venturing out to explore a nearby neighborhood or grabbing a delicious dinner in the city.

Day 3: Must-See Manhattan (New York City)

  • Dedicate this day to exploring the iconic sights of Manhattan. Start your morning with a visit to the Empire State Building, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the city. Take a walk through Times Square, the vibrant crossroads of the world, pulsating with energy and bright lights.

    • In the afternoon, explore Central Park, a sprawling green oasis in the heart of Manhattan. Rent a bike and explore the park’s many trails, or simply relax on the lush green lawns and people-watch. Enjoy a scenic paddle on the Central Park Lake, or take a horse-drawn carriage ride for a touch of romance.

    • In the evening, catch a world-famous Broadway show, a quintessential New York City experience.

Day 4: Brooklyn Bridge & Beyond (New York City)

  • Today, venture outside of Manhattan and explore some of the other iconic boroughs of New York City. Take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, an engineering marvel offering stunning views of the Manhattan skyline.

    • Explore the trendy neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights, with its charming brownstones and cobblestone streets.

    • In the afternoon, head to Greenwich Village, a historic neighborhood known for its bohemian atmosphere and Washington Square Park, a popular gathering spot for locals and tourists alike.

    • In the evening, enjoy a delicious dinner in one of New York City’s many world-class restaurants, savoring the city’s diverse culinary scene.

Day 5: Museum Mile & Farewell (New York City)

  • Spend your morning exploring the world-famous museums along Fifth Avenue, also known as Museum Mile. The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met), renowned for its extensive collection of art from around the world, is a must-visit. Admire iconic works like Egyptian mummies, Van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” and Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring.”

  • Depending on your departure time, you might have some time for last-minute shopping or farewell stroll through the city.

  • Take a taxi, rideshare service, or airport shuttle back to your departure airport (JFK, LGA, or EWR) for your flight back to Los Angeles.

Option 2: Embark on a Cross-Country Train Adventure (Los Angeles to New York City)

  • Day 1: Tinseltown Farewell (Los Angeles)

  • Spend your morning in Los Angeles, enjoying the Californian sunshine and exploring the city’s many attractions. In the afternoon, head to Los Angeles Union Station, a beautiful historic train station.

  • Days 2-4: On the Rails Across America (Los Angeles to Chicago)

  • Board the Amtrak Southwest Chief train from Los Angeles to Chicago. This comfortable train ride offers stunning views of the ever-changing scenery, from deserts and mountains to prairies and plains. Relax and enjoy the onboard amenities

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